Tuesday, 7 February 2012

This set contains a pin cushion, needle book and five stitch markers.
This set is themed on Liqorish Allsorts.
I have been very busy since I last posted my little ones have been battling a sick bug and my 4 year old has had it the worst, so much so he got taken to hospital in a ambulance.  Thankfully he is alright and it was a precaution that NHS 24 took. Anyway he is on the mend and will maybe be back to nursery tomorrow as he has been asking all day!   I have had an idea for a little while but have been unsure of doing it. 

Yellow Liqorish round sweet pin cushion.

Then idea started when I was crocheting one night and needed a stitch marker (for those of you who dont know a stitch marker is for when your knitting or crochet and your doing a circle and you need to know where you started,) and quickly made one, from one of my fimo sweets.  It work out that well I made more.  While I was crocheting I thought about pin cushions as I always pin them to myself (bad idea you would think I would learn as I am alway pricking myself.) and thought what else could I add to it to make it a set.

 I added a yellow liqorish round sweet pin cushion, a Bertie Basset inspired needle book to keep all you needles in and the 5 little stitch markers.

This Bertie Basset needle book is great for keeping all
your needles in.
I hope you really like it because I do and I am already thinking about what else I could do along these lines.

These will be going on my folksy page very soon here is the link for you to have a look. x x x


It has a felt page middle so you can keep lots of needles in.
These 5 little stitch markers have a hook which has been filed
so that they wont catch the wool and are easy to slip out you work.

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